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.......grinning, an act of intimidation

「射殺せ, 神鎗」

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a little about me
Gin 「ギン」. 11 月25日; ♀; Blood: O; straight; spanish; moody: nice: obscene; purple; candles; music; jrock; visual; pervert; ecchi; witty; guitarists; graphics design; vanilla. English teacher. Writer. karaoke. dancing. shop-a-holic. English teacher for kids. loves babies. loves friends. ♥ meeting new people. cute things. plushies. Rilakkuma & Kuromi ♥. Japan. Japanese language. Japanese people. Lyrics. Travelling. movies. roleplaying. laughter. chocolate. caramel. daydreaming. imagination. fantasy. independent. Communication. stars. wishes. hugs. original. fails at commenting. busy. working.ガゼット; 彩冷える; シド; SCANDAL; Dir en grey; Kagrra,; 中島美香; 土屋アンナ; 山下智久; Miyavi; NewS; 生田斗真; 加藤ミリヤ; Perfume; 大塚愛; Olivia. GHOST. 宇多田ヒカル. 浜崎あゆみ; Foxxi misQ; SHINee; Super Junior; 嵐; KAT-TUN; 水島ヒロ; Corbin Bleu; Switchfoot; Regina Spektor; Story of the year; Simple Plan; 30 Seconds to Mars; 3 Doors Down; Metallica; Beyoncè; The Pussycat Dolls; The Fray; Maroon 5;. Coldplay; Nelly Furtado; Rihanna; アニメ; BLEACH; ギン fangirl; 浮竹十四郎; 檜佐木修兵; ナルト; うちは fangirl; サスケ; イタチ; Doramas. Pirates of the Caribbean; Harry Potter; Lord of the Rings; Johnny Depp; CSI Las Vegas; House; Life.

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